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Attract more than 1.5 million telco users to your online shopfront.  Only $1 per month, 



Online to Offline strategy.  Let us help your business to get customers to your shop with BuddyGo.  


Benefits of Affiliates

1.    Mulitiple Source of income (Local)

  • Merchant Recruitment - $24 per merchant
  • 2% commission on monthly buddy point (BP) collected by the merchants you recruited
  • 3 Level commission "bingo" for affiliates
         First 3 Level $1 per affiliate $ 14
         Second 3 level $ 3 per affiliate $ 327
         Third 3 Level $ 4 per affiliate $ 3904
         Fourth 3 Level $ 5 per affiliate $  35,940
    Affiliates can be thrown down from your uplines to you.
  • 3 Generation commission $3 + $6 + $12


2.     International Source of Income

  • Buddgo is going international.
  • Once you have 14 affiliates under your account, you will be given  Silver Certificate to open an account in International platform.
  • After meeting certain critieria, you will bingo and move to next level with bingo bonus until you reached Diamond (your Diamond  bingo bonus will be $105,000).
  • Very easy to bingo to next level as all affiliates that qualify to have account in international platform will be placed automatically.  So it will be on a first come first enjoy the flow over.  As it is international, your account will receive affiliates from all over the world.  All you need to do is wait to bingo.
  • It is impossible to share all the benefits here.  Please get yourself invited to our talks to learn more.

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